Steve Ware '71
Steve Ware '71
Year: 2008

Bio written in 2008 when awarded Skip Prosser Achievement Award

Captain Steve Ware ’71 is the first Kings Pointer to receive the George Edward “Skip” Prosser ’72 Achievement Award. 

Steve, who was a former San Francisco Bar Pilot and now principal owner of Baydelta Maritime in San Francisco, epitomizes the very essence of everything “Skip” Prosser ’72 represented and stood for. Steve’s undying love and never ending sacrifices for Kings Point and Kings Point Athletics along with his continued efforts to help others are a true testament to his unselfishness.

Whether his contributions to the Academy and Kings Point Athletics are in the form of financial support, recruiting assistance or helping alumni whenever and wherever he can, Steve has always put the Academy and others before himself. He is extremely active in the annual Heidmar Blue and Gray Golf Classics, which his company has sponsored for the past eight seasons. Steve consistantly endorses the Academy, Kings Point Athletics, the Golf Classics and anything Blue & Gray. 

While at Kings Point, Steve was a standout on the Mariners football and basketball teams while also serving as class Vice President. After graduating in 1971, Steve embarked upon his maritime career aboard Chevron Shipping tankers sailing both domestic and foreign. He obtained his second officer, chief officer and Masters licenses in short order, culminating in his promotion to Master, becoming one of the youngest Master Mariners to obtain that position in the U.S. Fleet. Chevron, recognizing his special talents, asked him to come ashore and train to become a Mooring Master at their facility at El Segundo in Southern California and a Docking Pilot at their refinery on San Francisco Bay in Richmond, California; he gladly accepted, which then led him on a path to the next phase of his maritime career.

In 1980, he was proposed and accepted by the State Board of Pilot Commissioners for San Francisco Bay for appointment and licensing by the Governor as a San Francisco Bar Pilot. He served in that capacity for the next 12 years in an exemplary manner, having piloted close to five thousand ships of all kinds safely into and out of San Francisco Bay and its tributaries. His contribution to the protection and safety of the environment is well documented.

In 1992, he and two of his Bar Pilot colleagues resigned their pilot commissions and bought an existing tugboat company named Baydelta Maritime located at Pier 15 in San Francisco. They proceeded to change the tugboat industry on San Francisco Bay by introducing the newest technology available, namely, Tractor Tugs, a completely different concept which had its genesis in Europe but had only very limited use in U.S. ports. Those first Tractor Tugs revolutionized the San Francisco bay tug business to the degree that 95% of all of the Ship asset and Escort tugs in the Bay are now Tractor Tugs, thereby providing the state-mandated requirement of best available technology to large commercial vessels plying the waters of San Francisco Bay.

Steve and his wife, Lindy, reside in San Mateo, California. They have two children, Branden and Jessica, along with two grandchildren, Kayla (5) and Ashlyn (18 months).