04 John C. Mandel
04 - John C. Mandel
Title: 2004 Recipient

John Mandel, Class of 1964, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. After graduating from the Academy, he spent two years sailing for U.S. Lines and Moore McCormack, before spending one year as a manufacturing engineer at Grumman Aircraft. He also served in the Naval Reserve until 1975.

After working at Grumman, John decided it was time to go into business for himself in 1967 and founded John C. Madel Security Bureau Inc., a commercial security firm with some 170 clients. Today he still serves as president and Chief Executive Officer of the company. His company has over 1,000 employees and annual revenues of approximately $40 million. IN 1998 he helped found Manabade LLC, a support service for small security firms in the greater New York City area, and in 2001 founded Easy Cash Inc., a check cashing firm with two Greater New York City locations.

 Shortly after starting Mandel Security, John found time to serve as the swimming coach at Kings Point in 1969 and 1970 – the same team on which he was a four-year letter winner and team captain as a senior. He was instrumental in the success of then – Plebe Kurt Yost, who finished his career at Kings Point as an All- American and was inducted into the USMMA Athletic Hall of Fame.
Thankful for the education and all of the opportunities Kings Point provided for him, John volunteered to rejuvenate the Blue & Gray Club. IN 1990, John, along with Bob Lavinia ’70, Tom Hughes ’80, Russ McVay ’64 and Pete Rackett ’61, spent countless hours in redefining the mission of the Blue & Grey.
The result of their efforts was the creation of three avenues of fundraising for the athletics department: the annual letter campaign, the Hall of Fame/Acta Non Verba dinners, and the National Blue & Grey Golf Classics. In 1991, the first New York Golf Classic was held at Burning Hill Country Club in Greenwich with some 90 participants. Today, because of John and the others, the New York Golf Classic now has some 220 participants annually, with eight additional tournaments held around the country.

In addition, John was instrumental in the creation of the USMMA Athletic Hall of Fame in 1990 in terms of tis physical design and the awards that were to be presented. The Hall of Fame is proudly presented in O’Hara Hall. John, who served as President of the Blue & Gray Club form 1992-97, has been a great friend of Kings Point Athletics and a person who has truly embodied the Academy motto of ‘Acta Non Verba.’


John Mandel, born January 5, 1943 in a native of Brooklyn, NY and graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1960. He now lives in Amenia, New York with his wife Christine. They have four grown children, Alex, Joshua, Jesse, and Vanessa, and four grandchildren, Betty, Madeline, Lorenzo and Miranda.