08 Heidmar Inc.
08 - Heidmar Inc.
Title: 2008 Recipient

Written in 2008 when awarded the Acta Non Verba Award

Heidmar Inc., which is the proud National Title Sponsor of the Blue & Gray Golf Classics, is the first corporation to receive the Acta Non Verba Award.  Since its inception in 1994 by the officers of the Blue & Gray Club, the Acta Non Verba Award is the highest honor presented by the USMMA Department of Athletics. The achievement honors an individual or organization who has gone far beyond expectations in supporting Kings Point Athletics.

Through the efforts of former owner Per Heidenriech, and current President/CEO Tim Brennan ’87 and Director of Operation Control Captain John Hill ’67, Heidmar was one of the first corporate sponsors of the Blue & Gray Golf Classics, which are national golf tournaments that benefit the USMMA Athletics Department.  Heidmar was the Gift Sponsor from 2001-2002 and increased its financial and promotional commitment by becoming the National Title Sponsor in 2002. Heidmar enhanced its partnership again by extending its title sponsorship to at least the year 2010. 

“The Department of Athletics is truly appreciative of Heidmar’s long term commitment to the Blue & Gray Golf Classics,” said Susan Petersen Lubow, USMMA Director of Athletics. “Heidmar’s presence and endorsements have taken the golf outings to a new level attracting more and more participants. Thanks to Heidmar’s generosity and the success of the Blue & Gray Golf Classics, we are continually able to enhance our athletic department and remain competitive at the national level.”

Heidmar is the first corporation to receive the Acta Non Verba Award, the highest honor awarded by the USMMA Athletics Department. The organization is the proud title sponsor of the Blue & Gray Golf Classics and currently employs eight Kings Pointers. 

John Hill ’67
Brian Van Aken ’84
Tim Brennan ’87
Peter Renehan ’87
Alexey Dubrovin ’96
Dave Fillis ’96
Greg Kornilov ’96
Joe Garin ’01

Heidmar Inc. is a successful tanker vessel trader, a leading worldwide commercial manager of tankers and a marine services provider to the energy industry. 

Heidmar was founded in 1984 by Per Heidenreich. Today, the Company is owned by Morgan Stanley (49%), Shipping Pool Investors (49%), a Company associated with Mr. George Economou and Heidmar management (2%). 

Heidmar currently has commercial control of over 90 tanker vessels employed in its five pools including: Star Tankers Inc., which operates a pool of Panamax-size tankers, Dorado Tankers Inc., which operates a pool of Product tankers, Sigma Tankers Inc., which operates a pool of Aframax-size tankers, Marida Tankers Inc., which operates a pool of Small tankers and Blue Fin Tanker Inc., which operates a pool of Suezmax-size tankers.  

In 2007, vessels under Heidmar management carried over 1,200 cargoes, the equivalent of over 70 million tonnes of petroleum products which generated over US $1 billion of freight revenues. Heidmar has evolved into a global business with offices in the US, London, and Singapore and employs a staff of 97 people.

Heidmar’s three distinct businesses include:

  • Vessel Chartering & Derivative Trading
  • Commercial Vessel & Pool Management 
  • Information Technology 

Heidmar has experienced continuous and impressive growth having originally managed two oil tankers it is currently targeting a fleet of over 100 vessels under management by 2009.  By combining dedicated people with state-of-the-art operating and reporting systems, Heidmar provides its clients, oil companies and oil traders, with high quality, environmentally friendly and safe transportation of petroleum products to customers on a worldwide basis.