Weathers’ Leadership Role Extends Far Beyond the Basketball Court - #D3Week

Weathers’ Leadership Role Extends Far Beyond the Basketball Court - #D3Week

Kings Point, NY -- Janay Weathers 1/C, a member of the women's basketball squad at the United States Merchant Marine Academy from 2008-2011, has demonstrated her strong leadership skills at the academy as a Regimental Executive Officer and member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

As Division-III week continues, USMMA spotlights members of the academy community, such as Weathers, who have demonstrated leadership and service to the academy as well as the athletics department.  The purpose of the week-long celebration is to call attention to the activities and accomplishments of student-athletes throughout Division-III athletics.  The initiative has been guided by a strategic-positioning platform describing Division-III as a place where student-athletes can "follow their passions and develop their potential."

Weathers notes that athletics played a large role for her in applying to the academy, "I didn't know much about USMMA until I was contacted by the Head Women's Basketball Coach.  I came for an official visit and thought to myself, "You can do this, Janay."  Basketball opened the door to a great opportunity for me."

As her time at Kings Point progressed, Weathers interviewed with the academy's senior leadership board to become a Regimental Executive Officer.  After approval from the Commandant of Midshipmen and the academy Superintendent, Weathers accepted her new role.

"Being offered the position was a big deal for me," Weathers recalled.  "I never imagined being a Regimental Officer."

Duties and responsibilities of the position entail working closely with regimental staff members, serving as the "right hand" to the Regimental Commander, and enforcing the rules and regulations of the academy.  "We are the 'hammer' of the regiment," explained Weathers.

Although she went above and beyond her call of duty, Weathers believes you don't have to take an active leadership role to learn leadership skills at the academy.  "From plebe year to senior year, each of us become a better leader every day," said Weathers.  "As underclassmen you have the opportunity to observe leadership qualities that the midshipman officers and commission officers display."

The USMMA community plays a large in role in academy life, not only for Weathers, but all midshipmen.  "The tradition at Kings Point means a lot to me," said Weathers.  "Through it all I have learned a lot about myself and I've formed friendships here that I could never imagine."

Weathers will be graduating this June with a degree in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, and is eagerly looking forward to the next stage of her career, "I don't think anything will compare to walking across that stage and accepting my diploma, I'm glad to be a part of the Kings Point family because it gives me the values that will be instilled in me forever."  

Division-III is the largest division within the NCAA and includes 446 member institutions and 43 voting conferences, which comprises 40 percent of the NCAA's total membership.  NCAA Division III week will be celebrated across the country, fans can follow @NCAADIII and use #D3Week for more information.