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USMMA Club Sports

The objective of the USMMA Club Sport program is to provide opportunites for Midshipmen to participate in sports programs not offered by the USMMA intercollegiate athletic or intramural programs and that contribute to the Midshipman's physical, mental, emotional. and social growth.  The Club Sports program supports the Regimental system and allows Midshipmen to gain experience in budget management.  The program insures that teams compete with proper equipment and provides safe transportation to games away from Kings Point.


Club Sport Programs

Assistant Athletic Director for Competitive Club Sports:  Coach Sean Tedesco

Competitive Club Sport Director:  Coach Matt Dempsey


Ice Hockey:  Steven Peters, 2015-  President:  Steven.Peters.2015@midshipman.usmma.edu

                    Rick Dominique:  Club Advisor                                      

                    Bob Plansker, ’88:  Coach

                    Dan Unverzagt:  Athletic Trainer


Rugby: Dan Allen Saldana, 2015- President: DanAllen.Saldana.2015@midshipman.usmma.edu

             Daniel Ardis, 2015:  Captain

             James Tobin:  Club Advisor and Mentor

             Ali Nazir:  Coach

             Dan Braut:  Athletic Trainer


Volleyball (Men's):  Iain Bradbury-  Club Advisor:  BradburyI@usmma.edu


Waterpolo:  Joe Gardetto, 2015-  President:  Joseph.Gardetto.2015@midshipman.usmma.edu

                    Matt Slocum, 2015:  Vice-President

                    LCDR Pulis:  Club Advisor and Coach


Women’ Soccer:  CDR Andrew McCarthy-  Club Advisor and Coach:  McCarthyA@usmma.edu


*For ANY information regarding an individual club sport program please contact the appropriate (student) representative.