USMMA Soccer and Volleyball Receive Landmark Conference Sportsmanship Award

USMMA Soccer and Volleyball Receive Landmark Conference Sportsmanship Award

Kings Point, NY - The Merchant Marine soccer and volleyball teams have been voted as best in sportsmanship in the Landmark Conference by their respective competition for the 2012 season.  USMMA was the only program to capture the award in multiple sports, despite only competing in two Landmark Conference fall sports.  The Mariners now hold an early advantage in the pursuit of the Landmark SAAC Sportsmanship Cup.

“In today’s climate of intense competition in college athletics we are extremely proud of our soccer and volleyball teams to receive sportsmanship awards,” said USMMA Director of Athletics Sue Petersen Lubow.  “Both teams clearly demonstrate the character and values that will look to instill in all of the Midshipmen here at the Academy.” 

The Landmark SAAC Sportsmanship Cup is designed to recognize the Landmark institution that demonstrates the best overall sportsmanship over the course of the year. The Cup is awarded based on a formula that compiles the votes of each Landmark coach in consultation with their team captains ranking the top-3 sportsmanship programs in their respective sports. The formula also takes into account the number of sports an institution sponsors.

“It is an honor to receive any type of award but this award is special because we pride ourselves on representing our families, school, team, and ourselves to the best of our ability,” commented head volleyball coach James Seitelman.  “This award highlights the effort we put in and it’s nice to get recognized for that hard work.”

The NCAA and the Landmark Conference have placed a special emphasis on sportsmanship with the hope of encouraging positive interaction not only amongst teams competing, but the fans in attendance as well.

“It was a challenging season for our team but I am pleased with how our coaches and players reacted to these challenges and how they carried themselves all season long,” said head soccer coach Mike Smolens.  “It is a testament to the type of person we have here at the Academy”

“To be the only Landmark member to have two fall teams chosen adds to my belief in the atmosphere we have cultivated within the athletic department,” said Lubow.